Who's Impact?

“Removing the BS that’s currently in the fitness industry by using simple, research backed methods to nutrition coaching that WORK!”


Impact Nutritional Coaching was formed in June 2017, with the main aim of removing the BS currently in the fitness industry by using simple, research backed methods to nutrition coaching that WORK!

Having noticed a huge surge in quick fix solutions being brought to the market, which promise the earth and deliver nothing, I learnt the art and science of nutrition so that I can offer a solution to finally help people overcome the confusion and to empower them with the knowledge they need to bring long lasting results.

My clients come from all walks of life;

•  Time demanding careers
•  Full time family commitments
•  Hectic social lives
•  Frequent holidays

I know the areas that people struggle with, as we’ve experienced these too.

My ethos is simple, gain the most from the least, and I endeavour to do this by providing the tools and methods that fit into your lifestyle with as little disruption as possible.

Not only do I make things as simple as possible, but I also care a hell of a lot. I want the best for all of my clients and will ensure that this happens. Having access to a large network within the fitness industry, no question goes without being unanswered.


Our Values


The more complex things are, the harder it is to achieve results. We all have busy and demanding lives, let’s not make things any harder by giving you a plan that you’ll find hard to stick to.


I’m not one to fluff things up and tell you what you want to hear. I’m here to get you results, and if it means I have to deliver some home truths, then so be it. You’ll only thank me later.


If I can impart what’s contained in my head onto you, then my job is done. My aim is to arm you with the knowledge that you need to become your own nutritionist and still keep achieving amazing results long after you’ve worked with me.


Throughout your time working with me I’ll be that little motivational character on your shoulder, pointing you in the right direction. I’ll also be the one to give you a kick if you’re struggling at times.

Team Impact 

Hi, I’m Chris, a full on nutrition geek that also enjoys all the other aspects in life, like beer and burgers!

My drive and passion comes from previously feeling frustrated myself, having  wasted copious amounts of cash on products that claimed to help, but never delivered.

Enough being enough, I enrolled in the BTN Practical Academy to arm myself with the knowledge needed to not only help myself, but to help others too.

I have a light-hearted attitude towards coaching,  which quickly puts clients at ease, and ensure things go smoothly from the onset.

Always the inquisitive type, I’m always keeping up to date with recent research to stay on top of my game.


Chris Harrison

Chris Harrison

  • Coffee Fiend
  • Gin Swiller
  • Curry Muncher

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