Have You Tried Every Diet Under the Sun, But Still See No Change in the Mirror?

If yes, then this program will be the last one you’ll ever need to do!

What I Do

Impact Nutritional Coaching provides busy individuals with the tools and strategies needed to help them finally achieve real, sustainable body composition results that last a lifetime.

My bespoke coaching program and methods are simple and focus on these 4 key areas.

Never Know What to Eat and Which Foods are Right for You?


Nutrition is the cornerstone to achieving amazing results, period! Not only do I carry out full initial analysis of your current diet, I then create a new plan that is tailored just for you. I’m a firm believer in living life, so no plain bland foods or zero alcohol for you my friend. Burger and a beer anyone?

Spending Time in the Gym, But Still Your Jeans Don’t Fit?


We all know that exercise can help accelerate our results even further, but there’s really no need to drill yourself into the ground doing hours of cardio! With information taken from your lifestyle questionnaire I offer a bespoke training solution that fits into your weekly schedule that won’t leave you exhausted and strapped for time.

Felt Guilty for Eating a Food and Then Continued to Binge On It?


Our minds and thoughts play a huge role in whether or not we achieve the results we aim for. Together we work on areas that you currently struggle with and help to re-wire those thoughts and feelings, ultimately leaving you free from any guilt, stress and anxiety. Say goodbye to those uncontrollable binges once and for all.

Do You Often Feel Like You’re Alone With All Of This?


I understand that things can be hard from time to time, and all you need is someone that is there to say you’re doing great and keep you on the straight and narrow. Not only do you have your own personal coach who’s there as your crutch, but you also become part of a community containing other like-minded individuals to share ideas with and help each other along.

Client Testimonials

What Some of My Guys Are Saying

Dawn Redwood

Support Care Manager

“Under Chris’ guidance I focused on the changes to my body shape. Whilst weight is always the first thing you think of, seeing your shape change has a much better impact. Chris was always very supportive and wants his clients to succeed.”

Pete Stanworth

Business Owner

“After going it alone for 6 months and having some success with weight loss due to my ‘diet regime’ I signed up with Impact after seeming to see results level off. The first thing I learnt is it isn’t a diet!…

Determined and fully encouraged given my initial pack I was quickly taught a new lifestyle as opposed to diet. I saw results immediately and not only that stared researching foods for myself and cooking far more (I seldom cooked myself previously).

Of course my weight changed but also physical appearance which was pleasing. However, I suddenly had a far better sleep pattern and felt much more energetic generally with a positive outlook to life in general. I now have a lifestyle where I continue to live life and enjoy social eating and drinking but with a different and far better approach.

It is a lifestyle I enjoy and have learnt that forward planning and preparation are something I now do as a matter of course thinking about my eating habits for the coming weekend on a Monday morning not just what I will be having for lunch”

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